An Outline of Da Vinci’s Mysterious Super Lines (Red Tiger)

It turns out there isn’t just one mystery surrounding Leonardo da Vinci; rather, there are many. We regret that we cannot solve this particular Da Vinci riddle at the end of the review. It hasn’t changed much in the last 400 years; it’s still just as mysterious and intriguing as before. Da Vinci exemplified the Renaissance man in every sense of the term, as he was also a brilliant inventor, philosopher, and artist. His sketches, paintings, and observations on life in his notebooks have never ceased to amaze us. Several slot games of various quality bear his name, the most well-known of which is perhaps IGT’s Da Vinci Diamonds. The release of Da Vinci’s Treasure by Pragmatic Play also met with considerable success. We won’t keep you waiting any longer: Da Vinci’s Mystery is the best slot machine. Take a look at the rationale.

When first launched, Da Vinci’s Mystery fails to impress. It has a library theme, with the reels rimmed in gold, but the simple symbols and the fact that there are only 9 paylines make it look dated. It’s a big departure from other recent Red Tiger games like Dragon’s Luck Megaways and Dragon’s Fire Megaways at first glance. A similar question may be asked after seeing the Mona Lisa in the Louvre: “is that it?” When compared to the other enormous works of art in the room, the painting appears much smaller and less magnificent than it actually is. The good news is that, in both the painting and slot machine examples, there is more to them than meets the eye.

Only up to $/€20 can be wagered per round, which may not be enough for serious gamblers. The slot machine’s volatility and hit rate were both given perfect scores of 5 by Red Tiger. It’s a smart system that keeps players engaged as they spin in the hope of triggering the bonus round. There’s a nice mashup of new and old in the payout schedule, with suits of 10 through A being the least lucrative. The top-paying symbols include a strange globe contraption, an innovation, a book, and, at 50 times the wager, the Mona Lisa. When you hit it big, the game plays a tune that sounds like it should be played when Adam reaches up to touch God’s hand in the Sistine Chapel. It’s a different artist, but it still sounds like the same era. The RTP rating of 95.67% is the lowest we would want to see when it comes to numbers.

The Mysteries of Da Vinci Characteristics of Super Lines (Red Tiger)

Red Tiger has built in a slew of supplementary features, many of which complement one another. Super Lines are helpful since they allow players to form winning combos regardless of the proximity of the symbols. Anywhere on the same payline that three or more appear triggers a payout.

The Da Vinci Free Spins are the main attraction of this game, and they can pay out handsomely if you get lucky. The gold and gem game logo acts as a scatter and awards 10 free games if three appear on the screen. The game is improved in several significant ways during this phase. Two new features have been implemented: cascading symbols and a row of symbols that might appear above the reels.

Cascading symbols is a fairly popular system at the moment, and it works in Da Vinci’s Mystery exactly as you would think. The removal of symbols from the grid once a winning combination has been formed allows for subsequent winning combinations to form after a single spin.

The Symbol Multiplier is what really sets Da Vinci’s Spins apart. The Symbol Multiplier rises by one for each symbol that contributed to a winning combination. If a winning combination contains three books, for example, the book multiplier on the symbol bar will grow by three. Multiple winning symbols trigger additional multipliers, one for each symbol type. Additionally, players can earn 10, 20, or 30 additional Da Vinci Spins by landing 3, 4, or 5 scatters during the round.

The Answer to Da Vinci’s Super Lines of Mystery (Red Tiger)

We’ve all heard the saying ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’. No one, however, suggested that it not be adjusted. With just a few adjustments, Da Vinci’s Mystery manages to improve upon the tried-and-true formula of a 5×3 game grid and low paylines. Not the most creative slot ever, but still interesting.

Red Tiger Gaming has achieved this by adjusting the game’s volatility and victory rate to satisfying middle ground. The game has a high payout frequency without compromising the possibility of larger wins farther down the line. It may take some time for the Da Vinci Spins to activate, but there are plenty of bonuses and prizes to be won along the road to keep you interested. When the Da Vinci Spins finally get going, that’s when the game reveals its full potential. When one win triggers another win, the symbol multiplier increases. When you’re winning, it’s like playing slots for the first time. If you don’t want to leave the slot machine after playing the bonus game, that’s not a good sign. One viewing of Da Vinci’s Mystery is not sufficient.

This is not the newest blockbuster slot with an amazing backstory and state-of-the-art visuals. What it is, however, is an entertaining slot that brings together classic gaming with a modern twist. Even though the maximum reward is only up to 5,234 times the bet, the possibility is there. Can we call it a classic? No, however it could be fun to try something different every once in a while from the cutting-edge 9-reel slots with a gazillion different ways to win.

You may also enjoy the same developer’s Fruit Snap if you like what you see here. It shares some comparable themes, but is at the same time an entirely separate game played on an 8×8 grid with cluster mechanisms.






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